Visions of Sugar Plums Lead to Memories in the Kitchen

Who can resist a sweet treat? Surely, you’re already dreaming about all the goodies that await you this Christmas.

Dreaming of holiday treats

Perhaps traditional Greek Christmas cookies like kourambiedes and melomakarona or pastries like galaktobouriko might be haunting your dreams. We can’t forget all the non-Greek treats too—those cookies, pies and cakes we love too. If there are visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, why not head to the kitchen and bring those dreams to life?





Get the kids involved

While you’re at it, enlist your child, a niece, nephew or Godchild, or just a good friend. Pull out those family recipes; resurrect the old favorites. Bake together. Use this time to tell family stories, share traditions. Tell your child whose recipe it was, and what memories it evokes for you. Talk about the first time you made the recipe with your mother or yiayia, or how much you anticipated these special holiday treats.



My daughters love to bake. This is my youngest, when she was 3.
My daughters love to bake. This is my youngest, when she was 3.




Make some memories!

The kids love to hear stories about you when you were younger. Plus, you accomplish a lot in these sessions. Not only do you pass on traditions, you keep the memory of loved ones alive, you get your baking done, and you’ve spent some real, quality bonding time with the kids.  Start a new tradition in your home this year.

gingerbread cookies_121509
Gingerbread cookies

Now, get in the kitchen and go make some memories! 

This article was originally written and published in 2012.

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