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We’re so excited to go on this journey with you. There’s so much to share, and so much to do!

Windy City Greek Logo_image only 250x250 (2)WindyCity Greek is not a typical community newspaper

There’s a lot of negative and exaggerated news out there. People are frustrated. But you know what? There is so much positive going on. Greeks around the world are doing exciting and innovative things, but no one ever hears about it. We will bring that news to you! Plus, we’re filling a void in the Chicago Greek Community – earlier this year, two popular print publications shut down, leaving one of the U.S.’ largest Greek communities with virtually no Greek media.

From original reporting to curated content, WindyCity Greek will serve as a clearinghouse for inspiring news, and a connection to Greek-owned businesses, products, and services.

The WindyCity Greek philosophy

It is our philosophy to spotlight only the positive news. We want to be a force for the good of our community. We will not criticize, defame, or condemn. This is our editorial policy. All the content at WindyCity Greek will reflect this philosophy.

Our goal is to reconnect, restore, invigorate, inspire, and unite

People have told us that they feel disconnected, ashamed, lack energy and hope. They feel the community is coming apart. We want to change this. That’s why we created WindyCity Greek. We want to use this platform for good. Through our positivity and a spirit of collaboration, it is our vision to:

Reconnect: The recent lack of active media made people feel disconnected. We will reconnect the community.

Restore: All the negative press made people feel ashamed.   We will restore pride in heritage.

Invigorate: People have felt discouraged. We will invigorate and re-energize our community.

Inspire: Crises and negativity have left people feeling disheartened. We will inspire collaboration and hope.

Unite: Through positive, uplifting stories that encourage us, we will bring the community together.

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We encourage, support, and uplift

That’s what a WindyCity Greek does. You don’t have to be from Chicago to be a WindyCity Greek— it’s a mindset. WindyCity Greeks come together to enrich and support each other, and to share our rich heritage – past, present, and future. We are Hellenes and we are proud! With this spirit, we can encourage, support, and uplift each other. You know what that does? It makes us all successful.

What’s The Buzz?

The Buzz is where you will find all the latest info on all the innovative and exciting people, businesses, organizations, and happenings in our Greek community – here in Chicago – and around the world. There are so many positive things happening. You will find it all here.

Meet Us

Maria A. Karamitsos – Founder & Editor

Terry Poulos – Sports & Media Correspondent

Roula Marinos Papamihail – Lifestyle & Health Columnist

Kiki Vale – Chief Kefi Correspondent

We’ll be rolling out new features and functionality in the coming months. Soon you’ll meet new contributors and guest writers. We will continue to evolve, all the while bringing you the good news. 

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